I own the DVD. Why do we need a One-Year Public Screening License?

It’s the law. Copyright law is very clear concerning the use of retail DVDs in any venue outside of a home. We have developed an easy to acquire One-Year Public Screening License to not only allow your church or ministry to “be legal” but also to empower you with tools to make your Movie Event successful.

Does our Movie Licensing USA, Motion Picture Licensing Corporation, or CVLI, or other umbrella license cover this movie?

No. Even if a producer is included on an umbrella license, the license terms prohibit you from using the movie title, characters or the producers in any external/public advertisement or publicity for your Movie Event. With a license purchased on a title-by-title basis, you pay for the rights to not only show the movie, but to use the movie name/actors/producers in your event marketing. We know that drawing a crowd requires publicizing your Movie Event so we created the Movie License Package with all the promotional materials you’ll need to draw people to your event.

Also, you may be interested to know that many independent producers are moving toward a licensing model that allows churches to use their films as outreach resources, provides significant promotion for their film, and a larger share of the license revenues go to fund new films in the future, unlike an umbrella movie license.

What is included in the One-Year Public Screening License?

The One-Year Public Screening License has everything you’ll need to plan, promote, host and follow-up on a movie event: including a DVD, an annual 1-location site license, digital promotional materials and a guide with tips and ideas. Additional materials can be purchased separately as well as many other promotional items such as banners, Bulletin Inserts and Posters.

Can I use a retail version of the DVD if I purchase a License?

Yes. The One-Year Public Screening License provides written permission to use a retail (home use only) DVD for your Movie Event.

If I have a retail DVD and don’t need another DVD for the license, can I get the One-Year Public Screening License for less?

No. Proceeds from the licensing of this film go to foster the development of pilgrimage facilities for the Divine Mercy Shrine in Vilnius, Lithuania – the permanent home of the Original Image of Divine Mercy. We require the full fee for each One-Year Public Screening License.

We’re a larger church, but I’m only showing it to my small group, can I just buy a Small License?

The One-Year Public Screening License is very low compared to almost any other Public Screening License for any film. The fee is not based on the showing size, because the license is for unlimited showings for a full year (from the date of purchase). With one license you can show the movie to your men’s group, women’s group, small groups, or the whole church… any showing your church hosts at your building site.

If your church building or venue is not large enough for your event, you can obtain approval to show the film at an off-site location like a community center or even in a local theater. Please call (682) 557-3976 for details.

Our small group is meeting in our home to view the film. Do I need a License?

If your small group meets at your home, you do not need a license.

What if we didn’t purchase a license and unknowingly showed the movie?

Any organization’s public exhibition of a film without proper licensing is subject to steep and significant penalties through The Copyright Act (as much as $150,000 per exhibition). Even inadvertent infringers are subject to the Copyright Act. If your organization has unknowingly showed a movie while not in copyright compliance, please kindly contact us directly to remedy the matter at (682) 557-3976.

The cost is prohibitive to us. Is there a way to get it for less, or how can we recoup the cost?

There are a number of ways to recoup any costs:

  1. If you need to ticket the event because of seating issues, list a “suggested donation” on the ticket (remember, you cannot require an admission price).
  2. Offer free admission, but sell concession tickets for popcorn and a drink, or a hot dog dinner.
  3. Collect a freewill offering or leave baskets at the doors to collect gifts. People are accustomed to paying to see a film, so giving a donation to cover costs would not be seen as unusual.
  4. Ask a local business to sponsor the event, give them placement on your promotional materials and do a short sponsorship “commercial” to thank them prior to showing the film.
  5. Purchase bulk DVDs and resell them at your event and use the proceeds to fund your event or future events.

Since I’m buying a License, can we charge admission?

No. You cannot charge for admission. The license only gives you permission to do a public showing of the Movie and marketing your event. However, there are a number of ways to recoup costs. (See ideas under “The Cost is Prohibitive to Us…”)

We’re only showing the movie one time. Can we get the License for less?

No. The license for this film is available only as an annual license. However, keep in mind that this allows your church or organization to show the film in multiple ways at multiple times, with no additional costs or required reporting

I’ve already purchased a License for another film. Does that License cover any other films?

No. The movies offered by Springtime Productions are covered on a title-by-title basis, which means each movie requires its own annual license.

Can our church or organization use clips from the film to be shown on our webcast, TV program, or radio broadcast?

No, you may not use clips from the film on your TV program, radio broadcast or Webcast. The only exception is using the trailer to promote an upcoming event.

We record our events, not for broadcast, but on DVD to be sold/provided for our congregation members, is that allowed?

No, you may not use clips from the film regardless of if the recorded media (DVD, tape, etc.) is sold or for free. The only exception is using the trailer to promote an upcoming event.

I am a chaplain at a local prison, military base, school, business or hospital. Do I need a license?

Yes, you still need a One-Year Public Screening License but the cost for these licenses are priced as minimally as possible.

Who do I contact regarding Film Development, Production or Submissions?

Please direct any questions regarding Film Development to office@divinemercyfilm.com. We do not accept resumes or head shots of actors.

Why are you licensing the film for screening at parishes and events and not releasing in theaters?

The Movie was screened in over 2800 venues prior to being released on DVD.

How long is the film?

About 100 minutes.

Is there a limit on how many times this film may be shown?

The film may be shown an unlimited number of times at the same location during the course of your One-Year Public Screening License.

Is there a site that will list our event?

Yes, click here for upcoming screenings.

Does the film talk about St. Faustian and the devotion of Divine Mercy?

Yes. It would be impossible to discuss the Original Image of Divine Mercy without discussing the devotion, but the primary subject of the documentary is the remarkable journey that the Original Image has taken since it was painted in 1935.

Will the film be accessed via internet streaming?

There are no plans to make the film available for streaming as of yet.

Is the film available in other languages?

The film has options for subtitles in English, Spanish, Polish, Lithuanian, German. This documentary film includes interviews that were conducted in English, Lithuanian, and Polish so subtitles are necessary for all viewings. Some overdubbing is done for the Spanish and Lithuanian viewings. All viewings options are available on the single DVD.